Thursday, July 30, 2015

(Poem) My Iron

My iron has many uses
though rarely the pressing of clothes
often it's just a decoration
or bashing a burglar on the nose

It can make quite a good book end
when placed on the window sill
beoming even more attractive
when covered with decorative frill

I once put it down as a doorstop
But people tripped over the cord
I was tempted to fix it with scissors
then I spotted my decorative sword

In a moment of relative madness
I swung the blade down to the floor
I totally missed the iron
and took a chunk out of the door

So the iron now sits in a rack
upon the kitchen wall
waiting for some smart occasion
like a wedding, a funeral or ball

Then out cometh the super smart clothing
the suits, the dresses and such
and we'll wait 'till the very last minute
to iron it all in a rush

So for now I'll just use my iron
as a hook for my pans and pots
I expect I'll forget where I put it

and buy another

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