Sunday, August 09, 2015

(Poem) The Woods at Cobbes Meadow (Chartham, Kent) - The stress busting power of nature.

Today I am,
a tightly coiled spring,
the stress of the week,
about to ping.

A fortunate turn,
means a walk in the woods,
with my little dog,
ever faithful and good.

She's glad to see me,
after a week away,
hopefull I'll be,
in the mood to play.

I enter the canopy,
wound up tight.
Relieved to find,
not a person in sight.

My mind still racing,
with all things unsaid.
At times this week,
I had wished I was dead.

But with each tree that calls,
for a hand on its bark,
and each gentle whistle,
of the woodland lark,

I feel the release,
of another tight knot.
My shoulders drop earthward,
my secrets unlock.

The path forms a circle,
a symbol of life.
The death of my tension.
The birth of surprise.

When the fog in my mind,
lifts and lets in the light.
I can see through the trees,
and I feel rare delight.

I stand for a moment,
and absorb the peace,
whilst the dappled sun rays,
fall at my feet.

It's time to go home,
though I wish I could stay.
But I'll return to these woods.
They soothe my troubles away.

Danielle Hemmings. Written - 03/06/2015


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