Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Postnatal Nightstand

This is the nightstand of a woman who gave birth to her sixth child eight weeks ago. The breast pads are a giveaway. 

It's my nightstand. 

Look at that dust, it's disgusting. And why on earth is there half a rotten carrot decaying on there? I'll tell you why. My oldest son came upstairs eating it a week ago, put it down and forgot about it. I saw him put it there but I've done nothing about moving it. In the morning I'm getting the baby fed and changed and myself ready. In the evening I'm feeding the baby, then stripping off my day clothes, chucking them on the chair and flopping in to bed. I rarely come into the bedroom during the day so the carrot is still there. It might still be there when the baby is six months old. I can't make any promises.   It's not that I don't like a clean bedroom, I do. It's just that I don't want to put my precious baby down and start cleaning. Look at all that dust!!! I should dust, I really should. But if I dust for five minutes my baby will have grown some more and and I'll have missed it. Blink and you miss it. Dust and you miss it. 

The breast pads ought to go in the bin too. Now that is beyond lazy. 

We are living in clutter. I am in danger of appearing on Hoarders Anonymous. But who can lug boxes to the charity shop on one arm while the baby is in the other? If we could halve our possessions I think we would all be happier. I would certainly have a clearer head I know that. But I'm torn between my desire to declutter and my determination not to miss a second of my beautiful baby's development. He is a Virgo though, so I'd better get the place organised for him. Apparently Virgos hate mess! 

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